Blue Water Pedicabs was started by Tony Saccareccia in 2000 as a way to help a few strong-legged young people earn a few extra bucks while offering the people of Huntington Beach a great way to get around town.

Tony realizes the importance of a “green” form of transportation during a time when our country needs every effort to become more environmentally friendly. The popularity of pedicabs in Huntington Beach expanded rapidly and Blue Water grew from two homemade bikes into twelve custom bikes focused on smooth comfortable rides for each and every guest. Services now include beach and pier tours in HB, hotel guest transportation, corporate events, weddings (yes, we have a “Just Married” bike), major outdoor events, holiday parking lot transportation, high school and university events, and as always, a fun ride down to the beach.

There is documentation of foot-powered rickshaws carrying happy customers from place to place as early as 1707; however, some evidence suggests that even the mighty Spartan Army used rickshaws against the Persian Army at the Gates of Thermopylae (unfortunately they were left out of recent films regarding these battles!). While the rickshaw has a longer history, it acts as the father to the pedicab. Originally adapted from their competition, the foot powered rickshaw, the pedicab was born in Japan over 150 years ago. Based on the basic principles of an oversized tricycle, the pedicab offered a faster, smoother way to travel with one operator rather than the slower, bumpier ride of a rickshaw which was often powered by two to four operators. There, the pedicab was born and quickly spread to China, India, and eventually across the pond to America.

In the early 20th century pedicabs were a largely popular mode of transportation from urban areas to the beautiful boardwalks of California and Florida. Pedicabs flourished in coastal areas including Huntington Beach. However, after WWII there was s major decline in their popularity and with that, the freeways became more and more crowded and the air more polluted. As people’s dependence on automobiles increased, the need for pedicabs decreased.

Now is the time for the resurrection of the pedicab. While supplying a great alternative to the hassle and harm created by cars and taxis, pedicabs are getting people outside to enjoy a breath of fresh air. Pedicabs are currently being used in urban and tourist areas everywhere from Bangladesh, Thailand, Japan, New York City, San Diego, and of course, Surf City, Huntington Beach CA.

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